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Uncontrolled growth of Pakistan’s population, besides contributing to various other problems has caused alarming levels of unemployment across the width and breadth of Pakistan. While approximately 6 % population is jobless in its classic sense, a large percentage of the employed folk remain an unsatisfied lot.

This is quite heartbreaking to note that instead of capitalizing on the availability of precious human resource, it has been turned into an issue. Owing to lack of appropriate planning and Govt’s support, the unemployed youth finds itself confused, perplexed and without any direction.

The situation has only worsened over the last few decades, as the overall infrastructure has not been improved and modernized so as to impart necessary skills to the youth commensurate with the requirements of the day. Our education and vocational training institutions have failed to adapt to the market needs, therefore most of the graduates when confronted with problem solving and professional routine are found lacking. Moreover, our education system is producing job seekers – the percentage of entrepreneurs being minimal.

It can have many reasons, which include the absence of conducive environment for setting up small businesses, rampant corruption in Government departments, lengthy and tiring procedures, and above all energy crisis which is causing job layoffs from textile and other energy intensive sectors.

The highly essential link between the market/ industry and the educational institutions is missing. Resultantly, fresh graduates from mediocre and low tier institutions, due to lukewarm response from the job market, get highly disappointed. The situation of womenfolk is even worse as most of them do not find a decent job despite being suitably qualified.

The curricula followed by our educational institutions and vocational training institutions needs to be reviewed in detail by a combined team of the educationists and the industrialists under the patronage of the Govt so as to ensure the provision of rightly skilled youth to the job market/ industry. The Govt in addition to the creation of jobs should also focus on creating a business friendly environment which should encourage fresh graduate to take and entrepreneurial career. Moreover, provision of requisite energy for the industry must also be ensured so that industry could run at full capacity, thus ensuring more jobs and enhanced foreign exchange to the county.


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